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Rottingdean Coastal ward runs from Sussex Square to West Saltdean and includes the Marina. Of course, people  have different local concerns according to where they live.  These are the issues that my friends, neighbours and acquaintances in all the different areas have raised with me:

Congestion on the A259: Idea - the logjam is at the Rottingdean cross roads so let's see how this can be changed to improve traffic flow.

Overdevelopment of our green spaces

Hundreds of new houses are planned for Saltdean, Ovingdean and Rottingdean (as well as Peacehaven).People are worried about their effect on local services and schools - and traffic congestion.  Enough is enough.  We need a plan to reduce densities.

The planned Valley Gardens road scheme

Very few people think this is a good idea. It will bring even more traffic to Wilson Avenue, Woodingdean and Rottingdean as people try to avoid the chaos.

You can read the latest here:

Madeira Terraces

Dedicated volunteers continue to keep this project front of mind. I already volunteered to help BHCC with its twice-unsuccessful bid for funding from the Coastal Community Fund as I did most of the work to secure £2.3 million from this same fund for Saltdean Lido. Unfortunately these offers of help weren’t even acknowledged. One of my first actions would be to request BHCC’s funding plan for the Terraces – and to provide input and action to get things moving.

New Conference Centre at Black Rock

In December the council reported progress. Story  here:

However, there are still major flaws that need to be addressed before any more time is spent. Is there demand for a convention centre so far out of central Brighton? How will people get there? Where will they stay? 

In addition, given the weekly stories about the collapse of high street shops, it seems odd to still be discussing the expansion of Churchill Square as a precursor for the convention centre. convention centre into shops.

Area Specific Concerns:

At the Marina

  • Securing a trial of a direct bus route into the city centre
  • Ensuring that V space use isn’t abused
  • Sorting out the chaotic pedestrian access around the garage and stairs
  • Ensuring that the money that developers have to contribute to the community is spent on the services and facilities you want – eg Doctor’s surgery, library, communal residents-only areas including a playground and dog run. Rather than what the council wants.

In Ovingdean

  • The Future of the land around the farm which belongs to the council.
  • Meadow Vale development.
  • Speeding through the village. 
  • The need for bike lanes on Greenways.

In Rottingdean

  • Traffic, Pollution, development at St Aubyns

In Saltdean

  • Traffic, Speeding, The Lido, New housing, future funding of our amenities (playgrounds, tennis courts, bowls green, football club etc)

In Roedean

  • Marina development.
  • Extension of yellow lines around Roedean Crescent.